Steps Included for Superior Seed Processing in Balaklava

In order to get maximum production, longevity, superior quality and vigor proper seed processing in Balaklava is necessary. This is the process where the seeds are derived, cleaned, threshed and properly dried before they are sent for processing. It is quite frustration to eagerly wait in the growing months of the seed crop and then lose the same for improper harvesting and handling. It requires the apt knowledge for proper harvesting of the seeds so that the yield is up to the mark.

Seed cleaning in Yorke Peninsula

The following are some of the steps that are necessary for the processing of the seeds. This includes the following steps:

Steps for Seed Processing

  • Threshing-The process of removing the seeds from the plants is called threshing. It also involves breaking up the remaining parts like leaves and stems. These are called chaffs. The dry heads of the seeds are then broken down so that the seed comes out from inside and then the plant material is broken down. Thus this step involves the separation of the plant materials and the seeds in the seed cleaning process. This process is primarily accomplished by hands or machines on the basis of the variety of the seeds to be processed and the scale of processing.
  • Dry Seed Cleaning – Seed cleaning in Yorke Peninsula or elsewhere can be of two types dry and wet. Dry seed cleaning is necessary for staple foods like wheat. After threshing comes the process of harvesting. These dry seeds are then mixed with the other plant materials like leaves, dirt, sticks and stones as well as weed seeds. These things inevitably come with the seeds that are collected after harvesting. They are then cleaned or rather separated from these materials on the basis of the size, shape and weight of the seeds. Machines are often used in this case.
  • Wet Seed Cleaning – Wet seeds are the seeds that are produced in the fruits like cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. A wet seed extractor is used for crushing the fruits for extracting the seeds. This can also be done manually. Some of these seeds require the fermentation process that follows extraction. The others can be directly dried after washing them with the hands.

The above steps must be performed for the appropriate processing of seeds.

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