All You Need to Know about Seed Cleaning in Booleroo

Farming is an important aspect of our lives as it is through farming that we obtain the food that we consume on a daily basis. The flour that goes into your bread and cakes and the rice that you consume every day comes from the various agricultural lands. These agricultural lands occupy a large area which is often segregated from the land used for residential and commercial buildings. Apart from fertile land and farming equipment, there is the need for seeds that allow the crops to grow. Farmers do not randomly take seeds to sow them as not all seeds are ready to germinate and therefore often approach service providers who can help them with seed cleaning in Booleroo. Seeds are cleaned to make them suitable for sowing.

Seed Cleaning Booleroo
The importance of seed cleaning
The seed cleaning procedure includes putting them in designated machines to get rid of leaves, sand, soil and roots that may rot and cause the seed to get damaged with the presence of mould. Seed cleaning is one of the last methods applied during harvesting as freshly cleaned and treated seeds give out the best harvest. Farmers often believe that dirty grain if stored rot faster and thus incurring heavy losses. Therefore, several methods are used by professionals who deal with treating grain seeds. A few are –

  • Winnowing – This involves physical effort where the seeds are allowed to sieve with the help of a blower, fan or simply the wind. The heavier grains are left aside while the lighter and unwanted materials are sieved off and thus cleaning them to a certain extent.
  • Screening – This process has a machine taking in the grains and accordingly with the proper procedure is capable of removing other unwanted material such as weed seeds, stones, sand, soil, etc. and bringing out only the grains.

Selecting the right grain for harvesting

Farmers often keep a part of their annual harvest to use it as seeds for the next crop circle. While they store them, it is essential to bear in mind certain aspects to make the harvest flourish and give better yields.

  • Check the seed well – Removing deformed, discoloured, broken and germinated before storing grains for harvest can save up on time before sowing them. This would bring out the best seeds and thus give a flourished harvest with the good quality seeds.
  • Grading them – Professionals who have expertise on grain sizes and its quality would often advise farmers to consult them while they look out for the right size and the shape of the grain. Deformed or smaller sized grains may not give the good yield as expected.

Following seed processing in Balaklava and other treatments associated with it would bring out the best yields and thus allowing farmers to have a flourishing business.

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